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Auto back up Visual RF in Aruba Airwave

We recently encountered a problem which we noticed only while we upgraded the Airwave to new version ( that is Visual RF file got corrupted to crashed,  not able to found in any of the previos version files and couldnt reproduce the Visalu RF.


Luckyl one of the local IT engg did a manual backup months back and able to retrieve it.

Manual backup of the file is not feasible at all time and would like to know any way to auto backup the Visual RF in Airwave.


Please share your knowledge and ideas on how this could make possible.




Re: Auto back up Visual RF in Aruba Airwave

Hey, I know there is a way to create a cronjob with run the below on a X basis and then SCP it off. Unfortunately I'm not to familial with Linux enough and creating scripts :(



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Re: Auto back up Visual RF in Aruba Airwave

Hi Riyas,


LOG from nightly_backup log.

Thu Jul  6 09:00:05 2017:: Starting VisualRF backup ...
Thu Jul  6 09:00:52 2017:: Backup filename visualrf_backup_Aruba-Airwave.zip, in dir /var/airwave-backup/visualrf.
Thu Jul  6 09:01:15 2017:: Successfully completed VisualRF backup!
(starting tar)


Dafault airwave will take visualrf backup along with Airwave backup and store it in /var/aiwave-bacup/visualf dirctory, we dont need to run the visualrf script manually or configure any cronjob.




If my post addresses your query give kudos:)

If my post address your queries, give kudos and accept as solution!
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