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Automatic tech-support export

Hello guys,


I thought I had seen a (Aruba) script/application somewhere in a presentation that can export tech support and logs periodically (e.g. every 5 minutes). However, I've searched previous Airheads presentations, community, ... and I couldn't find it anywhere.


This would help me a lot in troubleshooting a problem that occurs randomly. 


Any ideas?



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Re: Automatic tech-support export

You probably mean Airrecorder http://support.arubanetworks.com/ToolsResources/tabid/76/DMXModule/514/EntryId/11035/Default.aspx (requires Aruba Support Login).


It will run select commands at intervals.

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Re: Automatic tech-support export

Thanks again for the fast and correct response Colin!


Re: Automatic tech-support export

please be careful when agressively using Airrecorder against a live system, things to consider


> tar logs techsupport or even show techsupport is a very heavy command, causes high CPU and lengthy blocking of the CLI, would not advise to run these in a 5 minute interval


> The controller CLi is single threaded (ughhhhhh) and if you get it stuck trying to talk (for example) to a non responsive AP, then it blocks the CLI _and_ webUI until the command times out. If that command is something like 'show ap tech-support' that can be a very very long time. As such, think very carefully about automating cli commands that have "ap-name" in them


> Aruba CLI can only hold 7 SSH active sessions, be aware that if you fill up all the slots you have to wait for at least one to timeout to get back in, this can impact Airwave etc.




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