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Available to help perform site-survey for large warehouse in Southern California?


Hi.  I have a little Aruba experience, but no certifications.  Successfully deployed Aruba WLAN controller and 10 APs for a "VIEW-Certified" SpectraLink wireless VoIP roll-out.  


I need to do a wireless site-survey of a 90,000 sq.ft. warehouse in 90670.  Looking for someone to participate as a technician-to-technician subcontractor, to assist me in performing this survey.  


Ideally you have Ekahau or AirMagnet, AP(s) for survey, etc.   Another way to do it would be if you have an Aruba WLAN controller.  I have several AP125 units in stock.  


However, I am still interested in hearing from you if you do not any equipment, if you have some relevant experience.


So, let me please hear from any SoCal geeks interested in working with another geek on a project.  





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