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BLE console: every command "not found"


I followed this article to enable BLE console on our AP 315´s on 7005 (AOS 8.3.x).

I can connect to the APS, login, switch to full access - but cannot execute any command:




"- # config"

"/bin/sh: config: not found"


What do I am missing at this point?

(I have to enable concsole access because all APs are 6-7m above my head - and I am sure that the day will come that I would like to reset some of them again...)

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Re: BLE console: every command "not found"

Update: I noticed that I can use a small subset of POSIX commands (ls, cat, but no "ifcfg" a.s.o.)

Is the any documentation how to really work with this console and how to enable the aruba command subset e.g. "ble mode persistent-console"?


Re: BLE console: every command "not found"

Check out this
Kind Regards Marcel Koedijk
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Re: BLE console: every command "not found"

What are you trying to achieve with console access to these APs? It appears that your 315s are controller based and are online with the controller. Configuration is pushed from the controller to the AP, so the config command is not valid from the AP's # prompt.


You should be able to reboot the AP from that prompt, and then interrupt the boot process to reconfigure ... as you would from the physical console port.

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Re: BLE console: every command "not found"

I would like to

- have a console without hiring a mountain climber for physical access in case an AP does not register with the controller anymore (I had this before!)

- to change the IP address of: AP and the controller it has to register to



I understand that a registered AP has not the command subset of an iAP - but what will happen if the connection to its controller is lost?

Then I can connect via BLE and reboot somehow and interrupt the restart - and reconfigure - is there any how-to for exact this procedure?

I cannot imagine that we are the only company which cannot easy access its APs for emergency maintenance.


Thanks - F.One

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Re: BLE console: every command "not found"

The connection will continue if the access point reboots.  You would need to have the "BLE Operation" Parameter in the AP System Profile to be "persistent console" for the BLE console to survive a reboot.


When you reach the # prompt , you should be able to type "reboot" to reboot the access point.  You should see the access point reboot through the console and then press Enter when you see the prompt "Hit <Enter> to top autoboot".  You should then be able to type "printenv" to see all of the environment variables like ip address, etc.  You should also be able to type "setenv <environment variable>" to set the ip address, etc.  Setenv commands are here:  http://community.arubanetworks.com/t5/Controller-Based-WLANs/Useful-APBOOT-commands/ta-p/179950  You also need to type "save" when you are done setting the variables, and then type "boot".





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