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BSSID offset automatically

Hi, everyone

       Our product using Aruba IAP-103-RW.


       We use BSSID of AP to identify the orignal and safe connection of AP.

       But the problem is the BSSID is a8:bd:27:a1:64:72 during installing product in Factory China.

       And when machine power on in other country, the BSSID for the same SSID is a8:bd:27:a1:64:73. which cause the connecting validation fail, and our product cannot work normally.


       Can you help to explain why the BSSID offset one automatically? Is there any configuration to prohibit the BSSID changing automatically?

Re: BSSID offset automatically

As far as I know, the BSSID should not change. As a background, the BSSID is generated automatically (link is for controller, Instant should work similar) and are the available BSSIDs assigned in order. So first SSID should get first available BSSID; I don't have the exact details so if someone has more detailed info please chime in.


I can imagine that the 'SetMeUp/instant' provisioning SSID takes the first or second, and the mesh SSID (if extended SSID is disabled) the other.  Not sure if that more or less matches your deployment. The BSSID, once configured, should not really change, however when moving the AP to another location, it is even desired to change the BSSID because location features of Google (and probably Apple, Microsoft as well) use the BSSID to map a device to a location on the globe. 


If there will be no further information on this discussion, please reach out to Aruba TAC or your local Aruba SE to get further information on how to steer the BSSID.

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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Re: BSSID offset automatically

Thank you for your answer.

I also got some reply from the after service in China.

They said the BSSID is calculated by the AP internal with some input factors like Mac address, SSID, etc.


I am still try to find the root cause.

Thanks again.

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