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BYOD over WLAN VOIP using Bridged SSID

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Please bare with me,  I have two controller and several AP(225) at the main campus and about 50 AP's (215) in branch offices.  On the controller I have tunneled SSID for a Secure and Guest SSID's.  Now I have been tasked to provide a voice VLAN for enitre WLAN.  This is a backup solution if PSTN goes down.  Can this be done?  Also as a caveat the user would like to use IPhone and Android Phones instead of VOIP phones like Polycom/Avaya/Cisco to name a few.  I know that these device will have to have 802.11r enable on their devices but what else?  


Re: BYOD over WLAN VOIP using Bridged SSID


You realy should figure out what VoIP will be used..

Wil it be a SIP app? To a central (internal) server? To a cloud based server? Does every remote site have its own server? 

Are the uplinks trusted enough to not be down when the pstn is? If the uplink is down, do you still have inet access?


My advice, first figure out what the VoIP setup will be as it will dictate much of how you will need the WLAN set up.



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Re: BYOD over WLAN VOIP using Bridged SSID

Thanks for the advice.  I already know,  what type of VOIP will be used.  Since this will be a backup to the present SIP based Verizon network.  Only one site will have a central server, the region all other sites will connect to the WLAN and VOIP via the controller located at the regional site.  Yes communications will be slow but accessible.  At this time we are using WLAN in this manner.  The controller at the regional site and the AP at the field sites.  (Campus Configuration) Each site will have a Gig-ether connection,  which is already being used for all other WAN connections. Now will we have inet access if these links are down yes due to redundancy of the links. In this scenerio can we run VOIP for BYOD?  I have a Call manager type software I can use but was wondering if I need to add to the equation? 

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Re: BYOD over WLAN VOIP using Bridged SSID

Would VoWLAN work better?  I was reading a document on that subject and it seems to work.  It allows for Wireless headphones and other CDP devices.  Can this also be used with BYOD?

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