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Back-up LMS IP and Persistent mode

Should both backup LMS IP and persistent-mode be enabled for a VAP or only either of them should be enabled at a time?




Re: Back-up LMS IP and Persistent mode

When you say persisten, are you referring to the Remote-AP Operation setting?   Backup LMS in an AP System profile should be used whenever you have a backup controller for your APs (that is not using VRRP).   Persisten mode for Remote-AP Operatoin in a Virtual AP should be used when you want to keep the SSID up in temporary controller outages.   Refer to the RAP VRD for details.  The following is taken from it:



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Re: Back-up LMS IP and Persistent mode

Yes, I am referring to remote-AP operation setting. I have a backup controller and i have set the back up LMS IP. My primary controller is at different geographic locations and APs connect over a WAN link. At times, there are WAN link outages which brings down the local network connectivity also. Can I enable persistent mode in such a case and have a back-up LMS IP also configured at the same time ?

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Re: Back-up LMS IP and Persistent mode

You can, but you should also set IPSEC retries in the AP system profile to 0 so that the remote access point does not reboot when it loses connectivity.


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