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Backbone and MSR2000 Mesh Network

Hi I need some support. I install backbone network on 3 site on the towers. I want install MSR2000 Mesh network on all the trucks and towers with this Layer 3 function suppose to work. This network is looping trough the Backbone network. I enable Spanning Tree Compatibility at VPLM. The loopback function: I don't understand properly well how it work. "Loopback Interfaces -- Configure loopback interfaces to add extra layer-3 reachable IP addresses to this device" How you setup it? What I need to do to fix this solutions? See the attachment for example of my network setup.

Re: Backbone and MSR2000 Mesh Network

My advice would be to engage with an Aruba-certified outdoor partner/integrator for your MSR network. You have a lot of moving parts and will/could take more time and energy than what is available here on the self-help boards. Someome may feel compelled to help, and if so, great, but there is a good amount of information and investigation that would be involved to correct all this (if I am reading it correctly). So don't get discouraged if no one besides me responds, but it might be good to reach out to your local account team for recommendations for partners.

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Re: Backbone and MSR2000 Mesh Network

We are the Aruba Silver Partner.


We understand how it can be done. I am sure there is something missing on the setup of this outdoor MSR Link.

I did the update for the newest version on the device. As on the manual, I understand there must be a layer 3 selection option to be done on the wifi and search it everywhere on the web interface and can't found it.


at the attachement I add the tech support information.


Is it possible that I will need a controller to be done the layer 3 switching network?

The other Team partners told me it is intelligence to do without the controller.


I believe the controller is so intelligence and smart as I running at the class.

Ok I am new at this. I need more experience the MSR Devices.

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Re: Backbone and MSR2000 Mesh Network

I aslo Read this artical.

Network Topology: Adding up Airmesh devices on the network


We can either bring all the MST 200 device as layer 2 for that all the device should be in the same subnet.
If you need to bring them as Layer 3 device all the devices should be in same mesh profile and each individual device should be in different subnet.



Tried to add new airmesh devices on the network. While trying to add the devices I faced following challenges,
I tried adding devices with different Mesh ID by adding static route but unable to form the airmesh network.

Tried to bring the devices under one mesh ID but with 2 devices on subnet and other 2 devices on a different subnet and also enabled AWR on the devices.

After changing the device subnet for all the devices I was able to form the Airmesh network


I think my solutions will be at ARW routing on Layer 3 functions, WIll take a look at it.

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Re: Backbone and MSR2000 Mesh Network

It work now.


I found out the ARW and Route-ID much be enable/YES


It not loop anymore

Re: Backbone and MSR2000 Mesh Network

Nice work, the MSR's L3 configuration is not very intuitive, glad you got it solved. 

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