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Bandwidth Contract for Intranet and Internet



Hope you all are good.


Just wanted to confirm if it is possible to have different bandwidth allocated for internet and intranet traffic for wireless users.


The scenario is that we want to restrict wireless users to 1 Mbps each when they go on to use internet but when the same users try to access local resources e.g. application serves, they should be able to access it with 5 Mbps (for seamless fast connectivity). We want to accomplish it on the same SSID.




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Re: Bandwidth Contract for Intranet and Internet

This is not currently possible.

Contracts can be applied to roles and applications, but not specific destinations.

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Re: Bandwidth Contract for Intranet and Internet

Thank you cappalli for the quick response.


Any advice or workaround that could achieve nearest to what we are actually looking for if not exactly the same? adding static routes? location based polisies? if MAC address are known? anything?




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Re: Bandwidth Contract for Intranet and Internet

Hi aruba.markus,


There are a couple of things that you can do to limit bandwidth. Here's some examples:


1. Different user roles can each receive a bandwidth contract. For instance, Staff may get 25Mb and Guest may get 5Mb each. Clearpass, or another RADIUS server, can really help to pass different user roles to pull this off. You could even have different bandwidth contracts if you're in different OUs within an AD domain.


2. You can apply a bandwidth contract to a VLAN. All of the clients that you place in that VLAN will be under the umbrella of that bandwidth contract.


3. You can apply a bandwidth contract to an AP Group. This is really helpful in a branch office configuraton. Let's imagine that you have a 20Mb circuit. You can limit the wireless bandwidth to 15Mb total for the AP Group and still guarantee 5Mb total for wired services.


Hope this helps!



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