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Bandwidth Contracts Per User

We currently leverage a bandwidth contract on the Guest Role that is assigned to any Guest that logs on to the Captive Portal of 5 Meg down but that is shared by anywhere from 10 users to 40 users as right now that 5 Meg would be a shared bucket between all since it is set as Per Role. The logon that we use is a single captive portal logon as we currently don't have Clear Pass.


My question is if I set the Bandwidth Contract to Per User since the logon is not unique would they still be in that shared bucket of 5 Meg or would they each be getting 5 Meg?

Re: Bandwidth Contracts Per User

Each will get 5 if you set it to Per User.

I would probably recommend you do that since have in it set per Role and impact the user overall performance based on the amount of users attached to that role
Thank you

Victor Fabian
Lead Mobility Architect @WEI
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