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Bandwidth contracts

Can anyone who is using these comment on their usefulness? We're looking at maybe assigning them in the dorms where we have a very dense user base. We're concerned that at night (during peak use) one or two high demand users may be hogging the AP and adversely affecting the other users.


We have an edge shaper making sure we are within the schools maximum bandwidth, but limiting each user a the AP level sounds like a great idea to release congestion.


Any feedback or suggestions?



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Re: Bandwidth contracts

I will let others answer with their individual experiences.  If you already have a bandwidth shaper at your permimeter, you will only need bandwidth contracts if you perceive that users will be accessing high-bandwidth internal resources and you would want to make that fair.


Others who do not do shaping at the perimeter and would want to put a different class of service on say, guests and no bandwidth contracts for their regular users can certainly use this feature.


In Amigopod, there is a feature where a guest can sign up semi-anonymously for low-bandwidth internet, but still have an authorization email sent to someone within the organization.  When the person in the organization gets the email and approves the request, Amigopod dynamically changes the role and perhaps expiry date of that individual, and they get more bandwidth, as a result.  Employees at a company use this constantly to offload the task of authorizing contractors to the contractor's sponsor.

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Re: Bandwidth contracts

the edge shaper does a great job of keeping us within our total available,


I'm looking at the contracts to ease congestion on the ap (one user with a big download affecting everyone else).


Has anyone used these? What has your experience been?




Re: Bandwidth contracts

Check on this article to see if it what you are looking for?





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