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Bandwidth throttling / bandwidth management for 620 campus aps

I have a 620 controller running   That controller is attached to a 6mbps dsl line, so all users have to share that bandwidth and we don't want one ssid taking up more than the other.  We want to give more bandwidth to one ssid.  Is it possible to assign more bandwidth to one ssid over another?


I do see bandwidth contract but I'm not sure how it works.  If i were to set a Bandwidth Contract of 4mbps to a user role....does that mean that everyone in that role would only be able to download at 4mbps even while transferring files between each other?  Or would it  only limit the bandwidth out to the internet?  I only want to limit the use of the wan and no the wlan.  It also has a per user check box, does that mean each user would be alloted 4mbps if I were to check that checkbox?  

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