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Basic AP license question

A very basic question re licensing as I start to commision a simple Aruba install (Aruba 650 controller, Aruba 105 APs): if I connect an AP directly to one of the controller ports it is not detected. There is nothing obvious in the controller logs, but before I drill down into configs, debugging, etc., I noticed something odd with the licenses which might be the cause.


Here is the license info from the controller:


# show license limits

License Limits
Limit Value
----- -----
0 Access Points
0 Ortronics Access Points
4 RF Protect
0 xSec Module
0 120abg Upgrade
0 121abg Upgrade
0 124abg Upgrade
0 125abg Upgrade
4 Next Generation Policy Enforcement Firewall Module
0 Advanced Cryptography
0 Service provider AP


Am I correct in thinking that "0 Access Points" means that the controller believes it is not licensed to manage any APs despite the RFP and PEF licenses?



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Re: Basic AP license question

Yes, you are correct.  There are no AP licenses on this controller.  You have to make AP license = PEF license = RFP license. If you dont, the controller is limited to the smaller of the 3 numbers.


However, thats probably not your issue.  The controller will still "see" an AP that is no licensed.  It will have the "IL" flags (Inactive, unLicensed).


Is DHCP enabled?  Do "show ip dhcp database" from the CLI and see if the first line says DHCP is enabled or disabled.  Use "service dhcp" from config mode to turn if on if it is off.

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Re: Basic AP license question

Thanks a lot, that confirms that I have two issues to resolve - chase my supplier re the license, and deal with the technical issue too.


I think your suggestion that DHCP is at the heart of the technical issue is correct. I don't have DHCP enabled on the controller as my intention is to rely on the LAN DHCP server, and I suspect that VLAN tagging is what is causing the AP to fail to reach that DHCP server. I'll investigate that further while I wait on my supplier to sort out the license. Thanks again.

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