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Basic Configuration of the Aruba 7005 Controller.


We are configuring the Aruba 7005 controller in our enviornment for the first time and at a very basic level I want to put forward what I plan to design.


We need to have 3 Wireless network each for different SSID's. My plan to to connect the Aurba Controller directly to a Cisco switch with port channel and this controller will have will have a Management IP(Vlan1).


On this controller itself I want to configure another 3 VLAN's (e.g. VLAN 501, VLAN 502 and VLAN 503) with the L3 of these VLAN's on the controller itself.


Then there will be firewall policies on the Controller as to which VLAN has what access.


The switch has a route to these 3 networks i.e. VLAN 501, VLAN 502 and VLAN 503 which points to the management interface of the Wireless controller.


Further the Wireless controller has a default route pointing to the switch.


All access points are directly connected to the switch and get registered to the controller over the management IP.


Will this setup work? Anyone feels there could be some glitch or error in this setup?





Re: Basic Configuration of the Aruba 7005 Controller.

That setup is fine.  In the vlan interface for the users on the controller, just add 'ip nat inside'.


On the dhcp scopes for the clients, just make the controller to be the default gateway.

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Re: Basic Configuration of the Aruba 7005 Controller.

Hi, is it possible to find any scenario or document of such a configuration.


With "ip nat inside" I do not want my inside IP's(wireless IP in this case) to get NATted. I want it to be a routed setup.


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Re: Basic Configuration of the Aruba 7005 Controller.

Can't compare Ruckus with Aruba when talking about User Guides. In Ruckus you have User Guide for everything. In Aruba you have no user guides except hardware installation. That's why I choosed Ruckus and I choose it everyday.


Re: Basic Configuration of the Aruba 7005 Controller.



While we appreciate everyone's commentary on this forum, you've responded to a post that is over a year old..and your response is not entirely accurate.   While I cannot personally compare documentation between Aruba and Ruckus (because they keep theirs behind an authenticated portal), I can say with certainty, that Aruba provides a tremendous amount of open/free documentation in the form of User Guides, Tech Notes, Validated Reference Design Guides and wizard driven configuration solutions with Aruba Solution Exchange.

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Re: Basic Configuration of the Aruba 7005 Controller.

There's a pretty large user guide for AOS right on the support site...



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Re: Basic Configuration of the Aruba 7005 Controller.

To Scooby_Doo, I'm sorry you feel we only have installation guides. Nothing could be further from the truth.


Firstly, all of our product documentation (hardware installation guides, software configuration and command-line guides, etc) are all found on the 'Documentation' tab of our support page (https://support.arubanetworks.com/Default.aspx?TabId=77). We don't put any of our guides behind a support login (as Ruckus does) which makes it far more efficient for our customers *and prospective customers* to find and read about our configurations and operations. For some reason, Ruckus feels the need to put most all of their documentation behind a support/paywall. 


Secondly, we produce and publish, again on the public web and not behind a login, our Validated Reference Guides (http://community.arubanetworks.com/t5/tkb/v2/page/blog-id/Aruba-VRDs), which allows current and prospective customers (and obviously our competitors, which they have used and copied numerous times), on design specific grand deployments, operational strategies, etc. 


Finally, we have a very robust and active AirHeads comunity where users like yourself can come with one-off questions for help. 


In my experience, competitively building and testing our competitor's solutions, I have found our more liberal access to all documentation to be far above anyone else. Specific to Ruckus I had the hardest time because all of their docs were behind a suport login, so I had to really dig to find answers on their gear when configuring some of their mesh for testing.


So if you ever find that you can find the guides, come here and ask, and we can send you the correct link or get you the correct info. And in some cases (like your RAP-3 issue), sometimes TAC is the best answer.

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Re: Basic Configuration of the Aruba 7005 Controller.

Thanks for your support. OK - It's my mistake that I couldn't find what I needed.


When I type "aruba 7005 controller user guide configuration", I find hardware installation. Maybe it's a problem of naming and being a non-english speaker?


When I think about 7005 configuration I don't think about Software User and Reference Guides. Maybe it's a difference between vendors - in Ruckus I find for ex. ZDxxxx user guide and I find there everything from getting access to controller to how to configure WIPS or DPSK. Software Release Notes are a completly different thing (upgrade paths etc).


I understand now that for configuration guide I should be looking for in "Software User &..." rather than somewhere else? I searched "Documentation" before but didn't think to search for conf. in software tab (looked like some kind of release notes).


Best regards,

Arkadiusz Skubida


Re: Basic Configuration of the Aruba 7005 Controller.

If you ever have questions; just ask!   This is a community of customers, partners, employees, and "potential customers".      We are glad to help........


What may have been confusing in your case is the search for 7005 specifically.  All Aruba controllers run the same software; thus the process is not unique to each controller model (other than supported network interface types).    If you ever are not able to find what you need, you have muiltiple options; post here, contact your Aruba sales team, contact your Aruba reseller, or contact Aruba TAC.     There is no issue that one of these avenues cannot solve for you.



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Re: Basic Configuration of the Aruba 7005 Controller.

Thank You Clembo.

You're right - I was looking specifically for 7005. Now I know that it was a mistake. Didn't know the thing about software - the same for all controllers.



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