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Basic sanity check about Win7 client adapter settings

I see settings documented regarding windows xp adapter configuratoin recommendations - but windows7?  I have an issue where basically, when I "enable single sign on for this network" on the adapater settings to "perform immediately before user logon", my dot1X works beatuifully - and if the machine has not authenticated prior to user authentication if the login is done too quickly, then the workstatoin waits - the user gets a message that it is waiting, so he/she knows whats going on too - and then the machine and user authentication passes wonderfully - and I consistently get login scripts working, roaming profiles etc.etc.


Is this a recommended config?  Or does anyone know any issues with this?  As this is working for me I imagine this success is too good to be true!!!!


Thanks chaps - any feedback appreciated :smileyfrustrated:

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