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Benefits of hiding an SSID

Other than preventing accidental login attempts, is there any benefit to hiding an SSID?  We currently have a few of our SSIDs hidden that I plan to start broadcasting, but wanted to know if there is anything that we are giving up.


I've read that hiding SSID's could actually cause connection issues and Apple and Microsoft recommend to not hide SSIDs.  Is there any situation where I would want or need to hide an SSID?

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Re: Benefits of hiding an SSID

There is no real benefit, and it could also make troubleshooting harder. It used to be a good reason for security, but it really doesn't hide anything and could cause client issues, like you mentioned.

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Re: Benefits of hiding an SSID

Don't hide SSIDs, it will cause no end to goofy, hard to pinpoint client troubleshooting issues, as well a roaming problems. There's no secrity advantage to it, and the ESSIDs are still transmitted in the clear when clients probe for and associate to them anyway, so it's trivial to 'see' hidden SSIDs. 

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