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Re: Best FREE tools for site survey?

I bought two Tekkeon MP3450's from newegg, one of them was DOA, never powered up unless it was plugged into the wall, which makes it useless cause then its not a battery. I RMA'ed it and going to get a replacement. The other one works fine so far, haven't put it through any kind of stress test to see how long it will last.
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Re: Best FREE tools for site survey?

I have been able to get routinely around 4 hours of operation with a dual-radio AP (AP-105), and when using a single radio AP (RAP-5) can achieve almost 6 hours.

If you need more 'time' you can either buy two batteries (I have two) or Tekkeon makes a 'stacked' model to daisy chain two power packs together. Great to have on hand.

jfernyc: Did the Teckon come with a tip that worked on an AP-105?

I use one of these, but they are discontinued....

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Re: Best FREE tools for site survey?

Yep the Tekkon has a tip out of the box that worked with the AP-105 and also the AP-124
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Re: Best FREE tools for site survey?

Any recomemdation for Ipad? or Android device? 

since they are very portable, it will be very handy for doing survey. :smileywink:

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Re: Best FREE tools for site survey?

We were using an IAP-105 for the survey of our new proof of concept lab at Aruba, and it worked pretty well. We were able to mount to the rails and see what the real coverage for the site will be. I'll have a write-up on it next week for this site. We didn't have to use battery power but that's something I'm looking at as it would make the setup more self contained.


As for free tools, http://www.netspotapp.com/ works on the Mac and is free. I've been playing with it and it's not a bad tool. It's not AM, but then it's free. 



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Re: Best FREE tools for site survey?

Not sure why you had issues with Ekahau (gwilliams). I tested both this tool, and Airmagnet extensively on a few machines with different adapters. Generally Ekahau has the edge in my view, for the simple reason that customer's understand it's output more easily. Airmagnet is great for tech stuff, but it's a bit temperamental at times. I can only assume you had an issue with a specific WiFi nic if your readings were out.


For mobile PoE, I like this unit. It's pretty cool.






Kudos appreciated, but I'm not hunting! (ACMX 104)
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