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Best IAP model for the job?

I'm in the planning stages of swapping out 3 x EnGenius AP units for 3 x Aruba IAP units. The 3 models I'm looking at are the IAP-207, IAP-305, and the IAP-315.


1. What are the compared coverage areas or signals strengths for these 3 units?


2. What are the End-Of-Life (EOL) dates for these 3 units? Or, when were they made available for purchase?


3. Where can I find a detailed product comparison of these 3 units?


I will be purchasing 3 of one of the selected models this week, to be installed in a modern, single story, office building(steel beam, concrete, drywall), for about 20-30 connected devices at most.


Thank you.

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Re: Best IAP model for the job?



Coverage area is a bit of a discussion.  


No EoL yet as these are newer models.


Here is the comparison info:




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Re: Best IAP model for the job?

Thanks Jamie.


Between these 3 models, its about $200-$300 up in price from the 207 to the 305, then the 315. As all of these are very similarly spec'd, and use the same software and interface, which model would you suggest?

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Re: Best IAP model for the job?

Anyone else have sugesstions or comments?



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Re: Best IAP model for the job?

What are you requirements?  If you will have high density the 207 is not for you.

What types of clients would you have?  What type of traffic will you be supporting?  What applications?

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Re: Best IAP model for the job?



What do you mean by "High Density"? At most, there would be 5-6 laptops at any one time, with mainly cell phones(10-15 units at most) using Facebook and other chat apps and email services....hardly and streaming services.




Re: Best IAP model for the job?

ithout streaming or other high-throughput applications, and with the limited number of client devices you'll have, you should be ok with the IAP-207, but the IAP-305 delivers far better value in terms of performance for throughput and density.

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Re: Best IAP model for the job?

Thanks for the input Onno. I'll place an order for three IAP-305 units today.

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