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Best Multi-Dwelling deployment architecture?

What's the best architecture to use for deploying a multimedia-grade Wi-Fi infrastructure in a multi-tenant dwelling such as a dorm room, hotel, apartment building, etc.?

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Re: Best Multi-Dwelling deployment architecture?

I am not aware of a single document that completely answers your question.  There are a couple of very good documents that contain the concepts that you need to pay attention too.


The one I like the most is the High Density Validated Reference Design.



Specifically I like Chapters 3 and 4 out of this document.  Understand these are you have a very good foundation to accomplish not only a high density auditorium design but just about any design.


Another document I like is the Retail Validated Reference Design.


Chapter 4 in this one.



Good luck.


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Re: Best Multi-Dwelling deployment architecture?

Thanks David.  Those are excellent suggestions :).  Aruba will be releasing a document specific to this topic in the not too distant future.  It proposes the micro-cell; an architecture that places an AP in every room to allow the infrastructure to scale along with the increasing demand for bandwidth in what's becoming a multimedia-centric world.  With the cost of APs coming down, such dense deployments are now becoming economically feasible.  Though costs are declining, AP capacity is increasing with the addition of more spatial streams per AP.  With an AP per room, this means services such as HDTV and mutlimedia intense, fully interactive, multiple player network games are now a wireless reality.


The micro-cell uses ARM to leverage the attenuation characteristics of building material to advantage.  It provides a balance between AP/Client transmit power and propagated signal attenuation to allow scaling through mutliple channels and channel reuse.  Primary service delivery is confined to 5 GHz where enough orthogonal channels are available to achieve the required capacity and balance.  A 2.4 GHz overlay service is also provided to steer capable clients to 5 GHz while providing legacy and mobile devices stuck at 2.4 GHz the opportunity to connect at reduced capacity.



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Re: Best Multi-Dwelling deployment architecture?

Such a document is overdue.  Thanks for letting me know.

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