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Best Practices - Controller hardware upgrade

Currently I am running my last 2400 as the Aruba Master controller in a Master-Local configuration

We are currently running AOS 5.x but will be going to 6.x in the future

I have a 3400 queued to replace the master to support the eventual 6.x upgrade

With the difference in hardware, I suspect just restoring the flashbackup will not work

Any suggestion regarding the best practices for the  upgrade process and any potential issues that may be encountered with the hardware upgrade would be appreciated.

I will worry about the OS upgrade once the hardware is up to speed.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Best Practices - Controller hardware upgrade

Hi There, You can actually copy the running config from 2400 (make sure you have encrypt disable first) and then modify the interfaces section and paste the entire output to the console of your 3400. But before you do that please make you install all the required licenses. Once that is done next would be to move your internal DB users. Please go under authentication --> them goto internal DB export the users there and import it to your 3400 The final step would be to take the captive portal info and guest provisioning page settings with smtp info and paste it on your new controller. That should be it.
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Re: Best Practices - Controller hardware upgrade

I would take the flashbackup from 2400 and put/restore it on new controller. After that I just need to change the interface settings and install new licneses. Restoring flash will copy local userdb, server cert, captive portal page, floor plans etc from the old controller and place it on the new one.


I do not think there should be any issue in replacing the hardware from 2400 to 3000 series. If you want you can first set it up in your LAB and test it with couple of APs and clients before putting it into the production network.



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Re: Best Practices - Controller hardware upgrade

I am a little bit cautious with the flash backup approach, When my original 2400 master failed, I replaced it with a just decommissioned 2400 thinking I would be up an running within minutes.

I though the Flash restore would be a simple procedure but encountered issues with licensing, missing policies an other changed items. It was possible that the flash backup from the original master was corrupt since it was taken just days before.

The information all appeared in the Flash backup file, and it was used to rebuild the master in a matter of hours.

I am not under the same pressure to get up and running and the lab test does sound like the way to go before going live.

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