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Best way to consolidate licenses?

We originally started with a 500 device license.  A while back we added 50.  I believe that was before Aruba had the option to consolidate licenses on the licensing site.  I ended up wiping out the original 500 and just having a 50 license.having to call TAC and eventually they ended up creating a new license for 550 devices.


I think another issue may be the way the reseller(s) creates the order.  Sometimes they use "And" in the company name and other times they use "&"


Now I'm ready to add another 50 device license.  I don't believe I ever received a certificate ID from the previously consolidated 550 license, so I don't think I can use that feature on the site.  Actually don't even see a certificate ID from our original order, just a license key via email.  I do have the certificate ID from the subsequent 50 license purchases.


What's the best way to get my server up to 600 licenses without creating any downtime or loss of functionality?

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Re: Best way to consolidate licenses?

As far as I know the only way to do this is to contact TAC and have them merge the licenses.

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Re: Best way to consolidate licenses?

Thanks.  I'll email tomorrow and hopefully won't take too long to get it taken care of.


Re: Best way to consolidate licenses?

You can consolidate or split AirWave license keys using https://licensing.arubanetworks.com


1. Login

2. My AirWave tab

3. Consolidate AirWave licenses


This requires knowing the certificate IDs for your licenses.  Otherwise you'll have to follow the TAC route.

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Re: Best way to consolidate licenses?

Unless TAC has done a merge for you in the past.


So far we haven't been able to get the merged license into the license management site.

By "we" I mean "me asking TAC" of course ;)


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Re: Best way to consolidate licenses?

Correct, but the merge via TAC was a painless procedure - 2 emails and it was finished.

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Re: Best way to consolidate licenses?

yep, that is my experience also, TAC handles this superb.

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