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Best way to manage a port group

In the process of implementing Aruba switches, currently all 3500's on the 7.1.32 release.  We have been using port groups to apply the needed settings to an interface, I think this is a great idea but am having a bit of trouble managing this.  Seems like if I do the following,


interface-group gigabitethernet "Vlan 2 Portfast"

    apply to 1/0/20


Seems that the list that the group config is apply'd to get replaced and not appended to. This makes it a bit tricky sometimes as I would have to pull the current applied to list and kind of paste it into the command while adding a new port.  I also tried using an interface sub-if and applying group membership but that did not seem to be possible.


Anyone have any tips for me?


Re: Best way to manage a port group


Unfortunately up until AOS, the only way to add ports is to re-apply the full list of ports you wanted to add as you noted below.


With respect to minimizing the time figuring out what ports are allocated to a group, you can use "show interface-group-config gigabitethernet <group-name>" or "show running-config | begin <group-name>".


I'm happy to report we enhanced the "apply-to" command in AOS 7.2 so that you can now use operators like "add" and "remove" to easily add ports as needed.


(ArubaS2500-48P) (gigabitethernet "default") #apply-to ?
<interface-list>        Replaces the existing list with new list. Enter
                        valid interface group members in ascending order
                        i.e. 0/0/1-0/0/5,0/0/10,0/0/21-0/0/25, max 255 chars
add                     Add interfaces to the current list
remove                  Remove interfaces from the current list


Best regards,



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Re: Best way to manage a port group

Thanks,   Will be doing the 7.2 update shortly, looks like there are lots of nice new features.

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