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Best way to move to Named Vlans

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I am working on making our controllers more redundant.  I currrently have a master controller with 5 local controllers at branch locations.  The master controller is also in charge of centralized licensing.  LMS is configured but I need to setup named vlans so if the local controller at one of the branch offices fails and LMS sends the APs to the master controller they have a working vlan to send traffic to/over.


Branch1(one of the local controllers) has local vlan 1020 configured for the Branch1-handheld SSID.  I need to create a new vlan on the master controller which cannot be 1020(already in use).  I will create vlan 512 for the master controller to use.  From what I have read and understand I need to do the following on the master and local controllers.



Create a named vlan and map it to the local vlan that will be used when a failure of the Branch1 controller occurs:

Master(config)#vlan-name XYZ-handheld

Master(config)#vlan XYZ-handheld 512



Once the named vlan is created and saved on the master controller it should appear on the local controller.  I will need to map vlan 1020 to the named vlan.

Local(config)#vlan XYZ-handheld 1020


Once both the master and local controllers have their named vlans configured and mapped I will only need to update the master controller virtual-ap settings to use the new named vlan and save the settings to push the change to the local controller.  



Master(config)#wlan virtual-ap "Branch1-handheld"

Master(Virtual AP profile "Branch1-handheld")#vlan XYZ-handheld


LMS is correctly configured and working - are there any other changes needed to get named vlans to work?

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Re: Best way to move to Named Vlans

Nothing else is needed. You got it.

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