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Beware Ortronics users and Upgrade

We were using just fine with our Ortronics OR-61 (AP-61) wireless APs just fine. This morning I upgraded to and the OR-61 is no longer supported or working. Just a warning if anyone else out there still has some Ortronics OR-61 APs in service do NOT upgrade to

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Re: Beware Ortronics users and Upgrade

AP61 should be supported according to the release notesCapture.JPG

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Re: Beware Ortronics users and Upgrade

The end of sale/end of life notice here:  http://www.arubanetworks.com/pdf/support/EOL_Ortronics_AP.pdf unfortunately does not specify the OR-61 part, but it was end of lifed, along with the licenses in the document that are required to support the OR-61 July 2010.

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Re: Beware Ortronics users and Upgrade

Yes that EOS notice does NOT show the correct part numbers hence the problems. 

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Re: Beware Ortronics users and Upgrade

How did you resolve this issue? We upgraded, and the or-ap-61's will not check in even after reverting the controllers back to the working code.


Now I cannot get them back up at all.



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Re: Beware Ortronics users and Upgrade

We replaced all the failed APs with new ones we had on hand for a different project. 


I was able to take one of the OR-AP-61 and via local serial console commands boot the Old code and then it would revert back to a working AP. You will have to interrupt the AP boot process then purge the Environment variables on the AP. Then you can add the environment variables back to force the load of the code from the tftp on the controller. It was a painful process but as long as the controller had running the AP would roll back. Then you had to re-provision the AP as the AP had lost all the provisioning parameters. 

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Re: Beware Ortronics users and Upgrade

Thanks for the reply! We used soe to get into the connection on the AP's however even after purging, the OS image remained on the same code.


If anyone else has this issue, it was resolved by doing the following:


 Interupt the boot, make sure the controller running working code is listed as the serverip by running


If it is not you can set it with

setenv serveripx.x.x.x

*where x.x.x.x is the ip address of the controller



After it is set run




The problem was that after doing this if the AP's rebooted again, they would revert back to the code. This was fixed by running tftpboot again, then running the following from ssh on the controller:


flashap  ip-addr x.x.x.x

where x.x.x.x is the the IP address of the ap.


The good thing about this was that I did not have to purge the AP's so I did not have to reprovision.


Hope this saves someone some time in the future.



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