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Blackberry MVS WiFi Solution with Aruba WLAN

Hello All,


Has anyone been successful in deploying the RIM MVS Solution with WiFi using the Aruba Platforms?


We seem to have not been successful so far. We always notice huge retransmits with the Client (Blackberry Phones) every single time we attempt to make a call using WiFi.


We did notice once that it worked well using the RAP2s from home but when we test in the Office using our Campus AP (AP-105), we are not successful at all. We get a one-way talkpath and then the MVS Application switches from WiFi to Mobile.


Any ideas or feedback will be highly appreciated.

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Re: Blackberry MVS WiFi Solution with Aruba WLAN

Please open a case in parallel to this post so someone can start working on this.

What model of handset?
What kind of encryption?
How dense is your ap deployment?

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Re: Blackberry MVS WiFi Solution with Aruba WLAN

We are using the Blackberry Touch.


We only have one AP in our Office.


However, we notice that the SNR Value on the Contoller is suitable or abobve the recommended value required for the MVS Solution and secondly, the Signal Strength Level on the Phone is between -47 and -60dBm which is also within the recommended value for the  MVS Solution.


As regards to Encryption, not so sure.


Should I probably consider implementing QOS on the VAP Profile for the Voice SSID on which the Blackberry are associated with.

How do I go about doing this? Is there a mapping for WMM (Wireless) to DSCP (Wired)?

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