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Blackberry Playbook and 802.1x SSIDs

I've recently had issues to associate BB Plabooks to .1x SSIDs, they couldn't associate to the networks, and if you check the auth-tracebuf you cannot see auth tries, I've found this link that gave me a clue of what was happening.




The DHCP server for all the networks was Windows 2008 servers, so when I activated a NAT VLAN and controller's DHCP server all the playbooks got access to the Wireless network.


Hope this helps

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Re: Blackberry Playbook and 802.1x SSIDs

Hi Erick,


I just posted a thread about problematic RIM devices before finding this.


Can you elaborate on your fix? I don't handle the DHCP servers so I'd like to be able to tell that team exactly what I need.




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Re: Blackberry Playbook and 802.1x SSIDs

Hi Dave,


I did nothing too complicated, just created a VLAN on the controller (IP NAT inside enable), create a DHCP pool for that VLAN in the controller, and assign that VLAN to clients.



This "workaround", if it could be named like that, just NAT all the traffic on that VLAN to controller's IP address, so this is only a workaround. Two possbile solutions are:

1.- Configuring all the IP parameters in a static way for Playbooks (you have the BB support link to justify this) 

2.- To use network devices (like Aruba's, etc.) internal DHCP servers.  (But this will only work if you can turn off the Win2008 Scope, and I guess you can't do that as you don't have access to the servers)


As I stated before the environment  was:


Aruba Controller and APs


Windows 2008 DHCP server


This would be enough to convince your customer that this is a BB - DHCP issue.



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