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Block Internal Access from Guess Network

Im using Airwave to manage all my access points. I have  virtual controller setup that has to SSID's programed. One SSID is Private and the other is Public. On the Private SSID we have WPA-2 Enterprise RADIUS auth and on the Public we are using Aruba's Magic VLAN with WPA-2 Personal. The issue is the Public wifi gets an IP address from Aruba which is on a different VLAN and subnet, but im able to ping and remote to anything on the Private network. According to Aruba this should not be. I have a support ticket open and after working with Aruba for 2 hours adding and subtacting ACL's we could not get this to work. Anyone have any ideas?

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Re: Block Internal Access from Guess Network

Issue resolved. Had to apply Netwroked-Based Access Rules. Once i denied access to the entire X.0.0.0 network all was well. But from my understanding the Magic VLAN was supposed to do this automatically.

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