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Blocking XP users

Is there a way to block Windows XP users from accessing the wireless network?

Also, is there a way to block specific operating systems from accessing the wireless network?



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Re: Blocking XP users

A way to do this is to use Aruba DHCP Fingerprint: you can create a User Derivation Rule writing the DHCP-Option for specific device or OS and assign it the deny-all role. The DHCP-Fingerprint and the DHCP-Option is explained in this useful guide:



The image showes you how to create a User Rule. After you have to assign this User Rule to the User derivation Rule parameter of the AAA Profile of your SSID.






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Re: Blocking XP users

Thanks, but we currently run AOS, is there another option or feature we could use with our current OS?



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Re: Blocking XP users

Are you using ClearPass?  It too is capable of device fingerprinting and you could block access by the OS of the device that's connecting.

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