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Thanks for your interest in Campus WLAN and High-Density Wi-Fi board! Here is a quick note about how you can participate, what you can find in this board, what to do and of course what not to do. 


Just like any other board at Airheads Social - no marketing, sales, product promotions please. This board is designed to discuss engineering challenges, hence solutions, on topics such as AP / controller deployment checklist, VLAN planning, AP groups, integration with AAA/DHCP/DNS/Proxy, SSID selection, fast roaming, traffic management over the air, high density environments (auditoriums, conference halls, classrooms), end to end troubleshooting, location tracking, centralized firmware updates, network usage and inventory reports. 


If you have specific questions on Aruba products and their use, please use one of the boards under "Aruba Products" discussion forum. 


That's pretty much it. Now go ahead and type away! :)

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