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Branch-Office Airplay deployment

Our college has a Wireless network deployed with redundant 7210 controllers and mostly AP105 accesspoints.

All traffic is in tunneling mode, bandwith is not an issue between the different buildings; we use 10Gbit links.


One of our schools is preparing for a major reconstruction and has rented several small buildings in the vicinity of the old building.

We only have 'small' links to these locations; mostly air bridges and vpn's on cable connections.

To cover these locations, i need about 3 - 5 (r)ap's per site.


Management decided that the teachers get some new toys: Apple Tv's....

Our wireless is ready and tested for that (Clearpass integration). It works fine in the main buildings.


For the new small sites, i want (and need) to keep the Airplay traffic local.

The apple tv's and end-user devices are in separate vlans and are routed at a central location.

There are no layer 3 devices at the different locactions. This normally  works fine because , all the traffic goes to the main site anyway.


How should i configure the (r)ap's at the small sites? In split tunnel mode? with a local router?

I read somewhere that roaming is not supported when using a rap with a split-tunnel...?

We still have to purchase the equipment for these locations, so we can still decide on the type of (r)ap or iap.


Any idea's are welcome.




Re: Branch-Office Airplay deployment

I would recommend the IAP.  Not only do they support Airplay with ClearPass, you will not need to worry about roaming as you would in the RAP scenario.

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