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Branch Smart Config - Branch Config Group

I am working to setup a 7010 Branch Controller with ZTP. The Branch Config Group is being generated on a 7210 Master controller.


One requirement in the Branch Config Group is to create a VLAN, set an address on the VLAN and configure the VLAN on the controller. I cannot seem to get this to work. I cannot find an option to set an IP on the VLAN, my only options are DHCP-POOL and DHCP-CLIENT. When I then try to assign the VLAN to the Controller IP, I get an error..


.....Static or internal IP address must be configured for controller VLAN interface


I cannot seem to get past this. This is preventing my from Validating the conffiguration. 


Anyone know what I am doing wrong?

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Re: Branch Smart Config - Branch Config Group

You can assign an IP address to a VLAN in two ways.

1. Static



For Static IP assignment, you need to choose Static for "IP Address Management" when creating the branch config group and upload the CSV config file. I believe, you have choosen Dynamic for the "IP Address Management" while creating the branch config group. So only IP can be assigned to the VLAN only by DHCP.


Select dhcp-pool for IP assignment. Click on the "Routing" tab. Create a DHCP pool for the VLAN. The first IP of the subnet will be assigned to the VLAN interface. 



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Re: Branch Smart Config - Branch Config Group

Hi all,


Bit long time since the thread was created.

So I have an major issue with 7010 branch that has public IP from DHCP. Since it cannot be assigned as a controller IP, it has static IP in one of its' VLANs, which consecutively is its controller IP.

Now the issue is that VLANs IP is routed via CPSEC-tunnel. Management tunnel comes up at teh beginning, but then when CPSEC tunnel comes up, the controllers management connection fails.

I don't see any solution how I could get this working, since I cannot use private IPs, nor our public IPs, that would be routed over Internet.


I hope I managed to picture the issue properly, but happy to add info when needed.

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