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Bridge mode AP communication



We have setup of 15 branches, They are connected with p2p & MPLS. controller & CPPM located at central location. We are using AP 105 & 205 campus mode in our wireless setup.


In the current setup SSID configured in Tunnel mode but branch user is not able to use local branch resources i.e. Printer. so we hv decided to configure bridge mode.


I have successfully tested single bridge mode SSID & AP connected on access port(etherne switch).


But afte added anothere tunnel mode ssid in same AP group & change the AP port as trunk (ethernet switch),  AP is not able to communicate to controller.


Thanks in advance




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Re: Bridge mode AP communication

The native vlan of the trunk on your switch determines the IP address of the access point. Make the native vlan number the same vlan that it was before.

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Re: Bridge mode AP communication

We have the same configuration, corp vlan is bridged while guest is tunneled, but we don’t need to trunk the port to the AP.  Your tunneled ssid does not need a vlan at the local switch to work..

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Re: Bridge mode AP communication

Hi Friend,


here you are talking about two different things,

1. Forward mode of the SSID ( VAP) as bridge mode which is related to the client communication

2. AP communication with the controller.


Forward mode is no where concern to the AP communication, it decides the associated Client communication.if it is tunneled mode, Client traffic will be GRE'ed to the local controller else if it is bridge mode, client traffic will be bridged to the AP's uplink device.


if the AP is connected to an access port, AP will get the IP from the VLAN where the port is mapped to


If the AP is connected to a trunk port, AP will get the IP from the native VLAN of the port.


in your case please check whether the trunking is properly configured or not.


Hope you got some clarity,


Please feel free to come back if any further help required.

Venu Puduchery,
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Re: Bridge mode AP communication



I have kept switchport access and successfully tested the bridge + tunnel mode on the same AP


Thank you for your suggestion

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