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Bridged & Tunnelled VAPs on the same AP Group



I have existing tunnelled VAP, and I would like to add some bridged VAPs to the same AP group.  Each of the bridged VAPs have unique VLAN-ID, so the idea is to send all traffic to the controllers, including tunnelled VAP over native (untagged) VLAN, and tag all other VAPs.


What I am seeing is that as soon as add bridged VAPs to the AP Group, the APs in that group start alternating between normal and ID(Inactive Dirty) state.


CPSec is enabled on the controllers.


Any ideas?

Re: Bridged & Tunnelled VAPs on the same AP Group

Let me see if i get what you are asking

You are asking  that for example you got 2 VAPS

And when you put one VAP on tunnel mode and the other on Bridge mode it doesnt work as soon as you put it on bridge mode one of the VAPS

If i got your question right, that should be a bug, it should work just fine...


I remenber i have done that before, and to recheck that i changed one of the VAPs to bridge mode to see if i see the AP going on inactive or dirty config and that never happened( i mean on a AP group i got which has 3 VAPS, in this case it has 2 tunneled VAPS and one Bridge VAP)


What code do you have?




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Re: Bridged & Tunnelled VAPs on the same AP Group

I am running  I've noticed the following messages in logs every time the AP went into that state:

Jun 11 20:04:20 KERNEL(wap7-18-se1@ [ 2436.993768] for vap 1:5

Jun 11 20:05:42 KERNEL(wap7-18-se1@ [ 2519.625052] for vap 1:4


Also, everything has been stable for the last 12hr without me doing anything, which is also rather strange.

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Re: Bridged & Tunnelled VAPs on the same AP Group

Another thing that I noticed, is that every one of these APs reports the following message: "2014-06-21 03:42:38 Broken heartbeat tunnel"  whenever they go into Inactive/Dirty state.  And it's quite consistent after a reboot of the AP.


The same AP, with bridged mode VAPs removed, works flawlessly.


I have them connected to a Juniper EX switch VLAN for GRE/tunnel native, and all bridged VAP VLANs trunked, if that makes any difference.


I really appreciate your help since TAC hasn't been of much help up until this point.



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Re: Bridged & Tunnelled VAPs on the same AP Group



Please ask TAC to escalate the case.  Since we cannot request personal information about your configuration on the forum here, it is much harder for any of us here to understand what is going on.  At minimum, they should be able to tell you what those messages mean, and why.


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