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Bridging through E1 port (IAP-277) on mesh

Hi everyone,


I've seen some similar topics, but no solution to my specific situation.


I work for a school district, and as such, there are locations at schools where there was no fiber run, no way to run it now without trenching (expensive), and too far to run CAT6 through a conduit, if a conduit is even available.  So, we are stuck with mesh.  Here is a description of what we have at one particular school:


Football field next to the school, with a groundskeeper's shed at the far end of the field.  The school wants the groundskeepers to have a computer they can use.  Since the grounds shed has an aluminum roof, getting wireless signals inside is pretty much impossible.  We have an IAP-277 on the campus building closest to the field (it's called Building K), and another IAP-277 above the grounds shed.  2 CAT6 cables are connected to E0 and E1 on the IAP (going through the wall and up the outside of the shed).  The cable to E0 is connected to a power injector to provide power.  The cable to E1 goes directly to the computer.


We use Instant, by the way; no controllers.


Mesh between the two IAPs is working fine.  I assigned the default wired profile to E1 and set it to Admin Up.


Our network topology (physical and logical) is as follows:  We have Aruba 3810M switches throughout all our schools.  Each school is its own subnet.  Wired devices are (currently) all on VLAN 1.  We do have additional VLANs implemented, including several wireless VLANs, and a "Management" VLAN, which is VLAN 3.  Switch ports to which all IAPs are connected are UNTAGGED VLAN 3, and TAGGED with the other VLANs used for wireless devices, and also TAGGED VLAN 1.  We have DHCP on all of these VLANs.  Our IAPs get IP addresses from 10.5.3.x, and wireless devices get 10.5.64,x, 10.5.128.x, or 10.5.192.x.  Hardwired devices on VLAN 1 get IPs from a whole different subnet.


All of this works fine with wireless devices.


However, here is the problem:  The computer that is wired to Port E1 on the IAP-277 at the grounds shed is picking up an IP address from our Management VLAN (3).  I want it to get an IP address on VLAN 1, but am uncertain how to do that.


Since I’m not actually at the school (I'm at the district office), I'm afraid to try messing with anything for fear of cutting the machine off and not being able to get it back on again.


In the IAP GUI, I went to More --> Wired, and created a new wired network profile, which right now, is exactly the same as "default_wired_port profile."  That way, I can mess with that profile and not change the default.  In the wizard, the Mode is "Trunk," client IP assignment is "Network assigned," Native VLAN is "1," and Allowed VLANs is "all."  I'm assuming that by setting the native VLAN to 1, I'm telling it to not tag traffic on that VLAN, and rely on the switch's untagged VLAN on the port where the portal IAP is connected.  As I mentioned above, the untagged VLAN on the switch port is 3.


So, is there a way I can get traffic from the computer to originate on VLAN 1 instead of VLAN 3, without killing the rest of my wireless network?



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Re: Bridging through E1 port (IAP-277) on mesh

Anyone have any thoughts on this?  Thanks :)

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