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Bringing up new local

Stupid question here...I'm sure that its in the documentation, but I haven't had time to research it. 


So far I've got Master-1 / Local-1  relationship... I need to bring up another local, obviously with no down-time...

I configured the new local as a local-2 and set in my IP address of the master.... Is it as straight-forward as I am thinking it is -- Pop the controller online and it should find the Master?  Is there anything specific that I would need to do afterwards, besides create a new AP-Group and set the LMS to the new local-2 controller? 


I'm hoping that I've got time to do a little research soon, but I figured I'd throw it out there incase I need to get it online a lot sooner than I expected to...



Thank you all!!!

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Re: Bringing up new local

It's as simple as creating an IPSEC key on the master and running the following on the local:


masterip w.x.y.z ipsec <ipseckey>


Also, you'll want to configure things like VLANs, default gateway (or IP routes), NTP, STP, controller address, etc locally before you join it. Below is the complete list.





  • Time zone and daylight savings time settings
  • VPN pools for remote APs and other VPN clients.
  • Controller and IP interfaces. (Note that these values may need to be set before synchronization with the master so the synchronization can properly complete.)
  • IP routing and spanning-tree configurations
  • Remote AP whitelist and local-user database values
  • DHCP pools
  • NAT pools
  • SNMP, NTP, and syslog settings
  • Hostnames, DNS and SMTP servers
  • ACLs applied to ports
  • Certificates
  • RADIUS client details and RADIUS source interfaces
  • Stateful firewall settings
  • Customized captive portal pages and images, and the captive portal redirect address.


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Re: Bringing up new local

hmmm the ipsec I definately need to do... 


thank you so much for the list!  There are a few things that I have to double-check... though aside from the obvious, I could actually get the controller online and configure the rest before putting any APs onto that local.... Unforunatley I had to box up the controller until we can mount / put it online... just kind of thinking outloud....


I did the vlans, licenses, controller IP, and some other things, to try and see if we could just get it online...The only thing I need to actually do is set the ntp, but it didn't want to take my command via cli.... 


Thank you Tim!!!

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