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Broadcast on some AP's and not others.

I have a situation were I can see broadcast from my core switch on some AP's and not others.  I have broadcast filter ARP and broadcast filter all on so I'm not seeing broadcast from wireless devices.  I have four SSID's and I can see broadcast from my core or closet switch on three of the SSID's but the fourth SSID is hit or miss.  I can see some broadcast on some AP's when I do a capture while roaming around.  I did a capture one day and could broadcast then I did a capture the next day and didn't see any broadcast in the same area where I did the capture the day before.


We are running with AP 70's, 125's, and 105's.  I don't not have the stateful firewall broadcast filter ARP enabled.  It's not recommended.


Also, on the same SSID that is hit or miss with the broadcast, I can't get connected using HT.  I can connect on my three other SSID's.   I have HT enabled on the radio's and SSID but only connect at 54mg.  That's on both the 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz ranges.

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Re: Broadcast on some AP's and not others.

On the SSID that you are seeing 54 mbps, what is the encryption? HT rates are available only for open SSIDs or SSIDs using AES encryption. If you use TKIP you will only be able to use 802.11a/g rates.




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Re: Broadcast on some AP's and not others.

Ok, that answer the HT question.  The SSID is using TKIP.  Could that also be the answer to the broadcast issue?  I don't think it's an issue but I would like to know if it's nomal operation or not.

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