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Browser Need to Open /Start Automatically and Automatically Should Redirect Captive Portal

Hi we have configured Aruba 7010 and SSID with Captive Portal (default certificate) Authentication. 

now, once users are connect to SSID and browser is not automatically open and not automatically redirect to captive portal, if user manually try to reach any HTTP webpage captive portal is loading and if user try to accessing HTTPS page getting certificate error and not loading captive portal.


kindly help us following, once we conenct to SSID how browser automatically open and redirect to captive portal.








Re: Browser Need to Open /Start Automatically and Automatically Should Redirect Captive Portal

You say nothing of AOS version or internal/external Captive Portal, but I'll just assume pre AOS8 and internal Portal.


Check Monitoring -> Clients. Verify which ROLE the client lands in. It should be something like guest-logon. This ROLE has the required ACL's to do the redirect.


There should be plenty guides of how to get this done tho..




Steps to get it done

* Create a Captive Portal Profile (Authentication -> L3)

* Now I suggest creating a new a pre-auth ROLE (Configuration > Security > Access Control > User Roles) that is exactly like the guest-logon role, but change the Captive Portal setting to point to the new Captive Portal you created

* Create a new AAA profile (or adjust the one you already use) and update with initial role = your-new-guest-role

* Update the VAP profile to use the (new?) AAA profile

Apply and Save




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