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Bulk deploy 802.1x supplicant credentials to Access Points

We have an ArubaOS 8.4 wireless deployment and are migrating to 802.1x on the wired network.  I have found the process to enable 802.1x supplicant support on the APs, however it appears the only way to do so is by provisioning each AP one-by-one.  Is there any way to bulk deploy 802.1x supplicant credentials to all APs?

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Re: Bulk deploy 802.1x supplicant credentials to Access Points

I don't think you are allowed to configure advanced parameters to multple APs at a time through the GUI.


You could create an AP provisioning profile which would have the username/password and then apply the provisioning profile to an ap-group:  https://www.arubanetworks.com/techdocs/ArubaOS_85_Web_Help/Content/arubaos-solutions/1cli-commands/ap-provs-pro.htm?Highlight=provisioning%20profile


Please test with a small subset of your APs, as I have not tested applying 802.1x credentials with it.

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Re: Bulk deploy 802.1x supplicant credentials to Access Points

Thanks you for the info, this looks like what I may have been looking for.  I will test this out and report back with how well it works.

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Re: Bulk deploy 802.1x supplicant credentials to Access Points

Just wanted to report back that this did in fact work and is a much better method to deploy the 802.1x credentials to AP's than manually provisioning each one.  The specific commands on the Mobility Master are:


ap provisioning-profile <profilename>

    apdot1x-username <username>

    apdot1x-passwd <password>


ap-group <apgroupname> provisioning-profile <profilename>

write mem


After writing memory all access points in the AP group re-authenticated on the switch port and were able to sucessfully authenticate via 802.1x.  This appears to only be possible via CLI in 8.x at present for some reason even though documentation points to this being available via GUI in ArubaOS 6.x.  Anyways, just thought I would share, thanks again cjoseph for the help!


AP-8021x-2 copy.png







AP-8021x-1 copy.png

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