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Bulk move of APs into a specific folder


I'm in the process of creating a large number of Airwaves "folders" that represent building on our campus.  I'm then modifying the appropriate AP configs to place them into the right folder. One small problem ..... we've got 900 APs and at the moment, from the GUI, I can only see one way of moving an AP which is


Search for an AP

select AP

select modify

change AP folder ( default Top) to the new folder

click save and apply

click apply (?)


That's an awful lot of clicks for 1 AP when I've got 500+ to go.


Is there a better GUI way of doing this ( e.g..


search for a list of APs 

click on check boxes for the APs you want 

click on a "change folder" button






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Re: Bulk move of APs into a specific folder

Why don't you search for access points by partial subnet (192.168.1.) and then use that to move them?


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Re: Bulk move of APs into a specific folder

Not to be too obvious, but because this happened to me, I'll mention it. When you have a list of devices in Airwave the words Modify Devices next to the icon of a wrench will open the check boxes for every device listed. I had thought it was just a legend telling me what the wrench icon meant. Once the check boxes are open, you can scroll to the bottom and Select All. After unchecking any you don't want to move, select the folder and click Move to move them all at once.

Re: Bulk move of APs into a specific folder


You can also search for those APs by their common name (building name) and then modify that entire list and moved those to the folder

Thank you

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Re: Bulk move of APs into a specific folder

If you can figure out all the APs that need to be moved into a folder, and there's a criteria that makes it easier to view them, then you can use 'bulk edit'.


1. Sort by whichever criteria puts the APs that go into a folder closest together (name, mac, IP, VisualRF floor plan aka 'Location')

2. Select the 'modify devices' wrench above the list table

3. Select the devices that you want to move

4. Below the table -> select group / folder and then 'move'


Img1: Modify Devices leads to checkboxes next to Devices



Img2: After selecting devices to move, move options are found below the list table


You can move devices between group and/or folder this way.

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