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CAP bridge-mode SSIDs keepalive timer

In the official documentation :


For both RAPs and CAPs, tunneled SSIDs will be brought down eight (8) seconds after the AP detects that there

is no connectivity to the controller. For CAP bridge-mode SSIDs, the CAP will be brought down after the

keepalive times out (default 3.5 minutes). RAP bridge mode SSIDs are configurable to stay up indefinitely

(always-on / persistent).


Does it mean that a briged session can stay up even if the controller is unreachable ? I did a test and I lost the connectivity even in bridge mode. So it's seems that the 3.5 minutes dont worked for me.


Where can I see that keepalive setings ?


Thanks !

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Re: CAP bridge-mode SSIDs keepalive timer

As far as I know, you can only set the SSID to stay up on a RAP if the controller is lost.  You do that by setting "remote-ap operation" to persistent" on the virtual ap profile.

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