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CAP broadcasting 2 SSIDs bridge mode

Hi guys,


I will explain quickly my current wireless infrastructure, I have a Aruba wireless controller 7005 located in our HQ office and we have different remote offices connected through an IPSEC connection, so everything looks like it is in the same network. Each remote office has his own main internet line and his backup ADSL line, moreover, we have setup Aruba 215 campus access points in theses remotes offices.


I would like to know if it was possible to push a configuration in these CAP with 2 SSIDs, one in the native VLAN and a second one in a different VLAN, both of them in Bridge mode (avoiding to redirect the traffic to the controller), one through the local main internet line and the other one in the local backup ADSL line.


I don't know if I made myself clear, but could definitely use some hints to start setting up this configuration.







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Re: CAP broadcasting 2 SSIDs bridge mode

You can setup an SSID that is bridged, but you need to have Control Plane Security Enabled (it is by default).

You would then need to have the AP connected to a trunk port so that you can tag the traffic coming out the AP based on what VLAN you want that traffic in.  If you setup the Virtual AP VLAN on that Bridged SSID to 1, by default, it will send it out untagged and make the traffic on the same VLAN as the management VLAN of the AP.  If you setup the Virtual AP VLAN on anything else, it will tag the traffic and send it out whatever VLAN you have specified, provided you have the trunk port on the switch side configured to allow that VLAN's traffic.


I hope that makes sense..

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Re: CAP broadcasting 2 SSIDs bridge mode

Thanks Colin, I did some tests yesterday and it's all working, actually it's quite easy as the traffic is already tagged as the Virtual AP VLAN.



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