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CLI Notice - Normal Behaviour?

Hi All,


I have a concern regarding a notice which was displayed on CLI login, see below


NOTICE -- This switch has active licenses that will expire in 0 days
NOTICE -- Some licenses have expired.
NOTICE -- This switch will reload at 2015-01-08 00:00:00; unsaved configuration
NOTICE -- changes will be lost
NOTICE -- See 'show license' for details.


The license it is referring to is a eval license for PEF VPN to test the VIA funtionality.


This was never tested because we were unable to arrange downtime to reboot and enable the feature.


My concern is the reload part, why is the controller going to perform a reboot? Can this be stopped?


I can't have the wireless randomly unavailable when the hospital I work in is on a major incident alert status.


It's bad enough having to arrange downtime to do anything let alone an unscheduled reboot.


Any thoughts/help is appreciated 



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Re: CLI Notice - Normal Behaviour?

Hi Friend,


Don't worry.


It is possible to avoid this reboot by deleting the evaluation license key either from CLI or WebUI.


follow these steps to delete the eval license.


CLI command:


use show license to display all the licenses and copy the license to delete.


license del <evaluation license key>


For example:

license del tPOIJ8Za-IkuyQLE0-01LvoC8h-icWgQt8H-uNPz4V8e-pKU
Key disabled; temporary keys cannot be removed.
Please reload the switch for the key removal to take effect.


over GUI :


Browse to Configuration > Controller > Licenses and delete the evaluation key.


Manually reloading the switch after deleting the key removes the license-related configuration. This reboot can be scheduled for a maintenance window.


Don't worry about rebooting, you can schedule downtime and reboot inorder to remove the key completely.


Hope you got your answer,



Please feel free for any further help on this.

Venu Puduchery,
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Re: CLI Notice - Normal Behaviour?

That's great, worked like a charm.


can confirm the notice is not displayed anymore in CLI.


thanks for your help

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