Wireless Access

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CLI command to show all clients signal strenght connected to AP or Controller 78:31:c1:be:59:ac OS X BlackPearl AP-08 132+ AC BlackPearl 44(good) 400(good) 30:f7:c5:19:24:06 iPhone Sparrow AP-15 108+ AN Sparrow 25(good) 150(ok) 3c:15:c2:d1:b9:c0 OS X BlackPearl AP-13 52+ AC BlackPearl 32(good) 405(good) 24:c6:96:51:6f:84 Android BlackPearl AP-12 132+ AN BlackPearl 27(good) 90(ok) d0:e1:40:97:81:ce OS X BlackPearl AP-19 60+ AC BlackPearl 32(good) 400(good) 5c:f9:38:a9:6f:26 OS X BlackPearl AP-18 52+ AC BlackPearl 38(good) 360(good) 7c:7a:91:15:c3:31 Windows BlackPearl AP-07 60+ AC BlackPearl 31(good) 300(good) b4:18:d1:39:a7:3b iPhone Sparrow AP-12 132+ AN Sparrow 0(poor) 0(poor) 5c:0a:5b:6d:9d:5e Android Sparrow AP-21 40- AN Sparrow 32(good) 135(ok) 3c:a9:f4:62:ff:00 Windows BlackPearl AP-14 157+ AN BlackPearl 40(good) 405(good) 5c:51:4f:70:d6:3b Windows BlackPearl AP-09 157+ AC BlackPearl 20(ok) 240(good)

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