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CLI enable password

Hello, am using ArubaOS and 2 controllers - 3200 and 3200xm.

I have been asked to find out the memory these controllers have, i've done so on one of the controllers using the show memory command. Problem i have is on the second controller i can't enable the # prompt as the password isn't the asme as the first controller. Is there anyway around this or is there another way i can find out memory for that controller ?



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Re: CLI enable password



If you don't have only enable password, you can log in through web (GUI), it will bypass the enable password. you have 2 more options to get the memory information,


1. reset the password with, login : password, password : forgetme!


2. Console the controller over serial port and reboot and monitor the POST messages, it will display memory information.


For your ref :




Please feel free for any further query on this.

Venu Puduchery,
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