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CPPM cluster and wildcard cert ??

Hi all, can someone assist ?

I have 2 x CPPM HW appliances in publisher subscriber.

Want to use captive portal pointing to th VIP address, all working and ok.

Next step is a publicly signed SSL wildcard cert.

What is the process, do i need a CSR request off both physical devices ?




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Re: CPPM cluster and wildcard cert ??

You would be applying the same certificate everywhere and only would have to request it once.  Most people who request a wildcard certificate use an offline utility like openssl.  ClearPass will not allow you to put a * in the hostname, anyway so you cannot create the CSR with clearpass.  Please see the Certificates 101 document here:  https://support.arubanetworks.com/Documentation/tabid/77/DMXModule/512/Command/Core_Download/Default.aspx?EntryId=19184 to understand wildcard certificates and how you would apply it.

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Re: CPPM cluster and wildcard cert ??

You only need once cert for both boxes using a common name /dns entry for the cluster VIP and if you want to use that cert for other purposes (URLs/Common Names with DNS aliases) you can then assign SANs
Thank you

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Re: CPPM cluster and wildcard cert ??

Cheers for the info, and the document, so it seems using openssl is the answer, thanks.

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