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Call Detail Report

Can the "voice->call detail report" be pulled off the controller or reported on in Airwave?

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Re: Call Detail Report

It can certainly be done on the commandline:


(host) #show voice call-cdrs ?
bssid                   Filter on bssid
cid                     Details on a specific call
count                   Last N records
detail                  Show detailed information
essid                   Filter on essid
extn                    Filter on client extension
ip                      Filter on client IP Address
proto                   Filter on a specific voip protocol - sip, svp, noe, 
                        sccp, vocera, h323
rtpa                    Display voice call quality reports based on 
                        real-time analysis
sta                     Filter on a specific mac address of a client
|                       Output Modifiers


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Re: Call Detail Report

Thanks, that will definitely work for the time being.  I am hoping this can be something that can be produced as a report in the future to produce to management.


Re: Call Detail Report

I would recommend logging into the support page (support.arubanetworks.com) and then clicking on the 'access feature reqeusts via Idea Portal' link in the middle of the page.  That will allow you to log a detailed feature request with what you would like to see.  Then other users can view it and vote on it if they like it.  This will help the AirWave team judge the importance of the feature and get it on the roadmap.

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Re: Call Detail Report

Thanks, I requested it

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