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Campus AP learing 2 IP from controller.

Hello frnds,


This is raja and iam very new to this community. I have an issue with my AP.


i have one spare AP which is used in past now its at stock and i have used at some where else on floor now with reconfiguration. But the problem is when i do          "show ap database long | i <apname> "   its showing 2 entries in the output with 2 IPs. THe other ip is used by one more working one..


When i check the both ap port status, its showing diffrent switch ports. Please let me know why its getting like wise..


NOte : please let me know how can i follow-up my posting further process,, because iam new to this communitiy process..

Its my id : rajasekhar33.mca@gmail.com



Thanks in advance,


Re: Campus AP learing 2 IP from controller.

It looks like you were using the same name for two APs and it might be creating a conflict.


What you could do is run the following clear gab-db wired-ap <mac address of the AP you would like to clear>



Thank you

Victor Fabian
Lead Mobility Architect @WEI
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Re: Campus AP learing 2 IP from controller.

Hello Victor,


You are correct, 2 APs are getting conflict with same name.

And after clearing one, issue got fixed. Thnks for your help..


Thnks... :)

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