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Campus bridge mode 802.1q

Hi, I am looking for a definitive answer on whether user traffic can be directed to a different vlan to the ap when campus bridge mode is in use. The ap will be using port e0 only connected to a trunk port on our access switch. We want the user traffic to be directed to a separate vlan on the same access switch. Is this possible?
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Re: Campus bridge mode 802.1q

Yes, you can have the AP use VLAN x as the native VLAN on a trunk and thats where it will get it's IP address.  You can then create a bridge mode SSID and place VLAN y in the VAP configuration.  Users that connect to the bridge mode SSID will have their traffic tagged (802.1q) with VLAN y and sent to your access switch.


The port on the access switch must be in trunk mode and have VLAN x as the native and allow VLAN y on the trunk.

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Re: Campus bridge mode 802.1q

Great, thanks for the fast reply.
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Re: Campus bridge mode 802.1q

I recently had the same question and I finally got it to work just as you described here.  The only remaining question I had is wether or not vlan pools are supported on bridge mode VAP's?

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