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Can 6.4.x communicate with 6.3.x?

As far as I can tell, it cannot.


I just finished upgrading all my controllers (620 locals and 3600 masters) to


I have a couple of 7005 that I'd like to start testing and deploying.  They ship with


I was able to successfully demote a 7005 as a local controller, however it doesn't appear to pull any information from the master controller.


Upgraded the 7005 to and having the same issue.


6.4.x is still listed as early development - we have a policy of not deploying ED firmware.


Looks like my choices at this time are to just deploy the 7005 as a master, and copy the config from my existing master and hope for the best???

Re: Can 6.4.x communicate with 6.3.x?

It is not recommended


These should be using the same AOS to communicate properly.


Theres a lot of changes between 6.3 and 6.4 so if the local or master is trying to sync the config it will get confuse

Thank you

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Re: Can 6.4.x communicate with 6.3.x?

Yes, you chould make the 7005 a master.

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