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Can 620/650 behave a Tunneled Node Server for MAS (S3500/S2500)


Yes, you can use 620/650 as TN server for your Mobility Access Switch (MAS) i.e. S3500/S2500.


Be aware 650/620 is also designed to be Tunneled Node Client (TN-Client).

You cannot setup your 620/650 to be TN-Server also TN-Client … it only works as either way but not both.


If you have configured your 620/650 as TN client and you want to use it as TN-Server for MAS ....

 … you should first disable TN-Client function by using CLI “tunneled-node-address” to “”


(Aruba650) (config) #tunneled-node-address




CLIs below are from 620/650 for  your reference ..

(Aruba650) (config) #tunnel?

tunneled-node-address   Set the controller IP Address to terminate tunnels on. to disable

To configure your 620/650 as TN client, you can use the following command –

(Aruba650) (config) #tunneled-node-address ?

<tnode-ip-address>      A.B.C.D  IP address


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